Volume & Issue: Volume 49, Issue 2, August 2022 
Effect of Selenium and Silicon Foliar Applications on the Growth and Yield of Common Bean

Pages 147-158

Wathiq Mansoor Hmood; Mohamed Emam Ragab; Sabry Mousa Youssef; Amr Ahmed Metwally

Improving Fruit Quality of Crimson Seedless by Ethephon and Abscisic Acid Foliar Applications Using Three Machine Types

Pages 159-171

Ahmed Ali Aborawash; Hassan Fadel El Wakeel; Noha Ibrahim Mansour; Walid kamel ElHelew; Mohamed abd elhamed Nasser

RAPD Markers are Associated with Self-incompatibility Characteristics as Related to the Number of Seeds per Fruit of Some Mandarin and Clementine Cultivars

Pages 215-230

Mohamed Abdein; Aly Mohamed Imrahim; Sayed Y. Mohamed; Samah O. Osman; Sahar A. M. Shamseldin; Mahmoud F. Maklad; Maha M. Abdel-Salam; EL-Sayed M. Qaoud

Effect of Some Organic Fertilizer on Producing Tomato Crops under Protected Cultivation in the New Lands

Pages 257-268

Mahmoud K. Dagher; Mohamed Z. El-Shinawy; Essam M. Abd El moniem; Ayman F. Abou-Hadid