Volume & Issue: Volume 47, Issue 2, August 2020, Pages 109-231 
Response of Some Citrus Rootstocks to Organic Fertilizers

Pages 109-118

Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim; Aly Mohamed Imrahim; Magdi Ismaiel Saif

Organic Stimulant Uses In Natural Plant Production

Pages 119-128

Gül Yücel; Kamil Erken; Yusuf Evren Doğan

Effect of NAA and CPPU on Fruit drop, Yield and Quality of Avocado Trees

Pages 137-147

Laila yehia mostafa; Yehia Salah Mostafa; Islam Mohamed El-Berry

Field Performance of Eggplant and Pepper Transplants Raised in Different Potting Media

Pages 193-203

Mohamed Fouad Mohamed Abdalla; Marwa Mohamed Soliman; Ayman Kotob Mrtwally; Mohamed Hamam Dokishy

Effect of Biological and Chemical Control of Onion White Rot and Maintain Productivity

Pages 219-231

Ahmed Abou El-Yazied; Samuel Tewfik; ahmed mohsen bondok; Hany gamal abd El-Gawad