Response of Some Citrus Rootstocks to Organic Fertilizers

Document Type : Original Article


1 Hort. Dept., Fac. Agric., Zagazig Univ., Egypt

2 Hort. Res. Inst., Agric. Res. Centre, Egypt

3 Hort. Dept., Fac. Agric., Suez Canal Univ., Ismailia, Egypt


The present study was carried out as a pot experiment during the 2017 and 2018 seasons at the fruit nursery in Faculty of Agriculture, Zagazig University, Egypt to assess the mixing of two types of organic fertilizers (chicken manure and farmyard manure) with sandy soil at 10% by weight on growth and the physical and chemical characteristics of seedlings of six-month-old for three citrus rootstocks are Sour orange, Volkamer lemon and Troyer citrange to reach the suitable size of grafting in the shortest possible time. The results revealed that the highest values of leaf area and leaf fresh and dry weights were recorded for Sour orange seedlings, while the number of leaves/ plant, shoot numbers/plant and stem diameter gained by Vokamer lemon, followed by Troyer citrange. Seedlings treated with chicken manure achieved the largest leaf area, total number of leaves/ plant, leaf fresh and dry weights, stem height and diameter, photosynthetic pigments and N, Fe, Zn and Mn but shoot numbers/plant, P and K came by farmyard manure.