Effect of Different Mulching Colors and Tunnel Coverings on Plant Growth, Yield and Post-harvest Quality of Green Bean

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Central laboratory fr agricultural climte


This investigation was conducted during the two successive seasons of 2015 and 2016 on green bean cv. Paulista to study the effect of different mulching colors and tunneling on the vegetative growth, yield, productivity, pod quality as well as storability and quality attributes during storage at 5 ºC, plus two days at shelf life temperature (10 ºC), to simulate the market display. The obtained results showed that transparent and black mulching gave the highest number of leaves, plant height, pod diameter, pod length, pod weight, and NPK contents in the leaves. The result also indicated that using tunnel under unheated greenhouse led to increases in the vegetative growth and productivity. Results also indicated that black mulching with non-perforated film gave the lowest weight loss of green bean pods followed by transparent mulching with non-perforated film during the storage periods. Black mulching with non-polypropylene film maintained quality attributes (TSS, ascorbic acid and total chlorophyll contents) and extended the storage life for 15 days at 5 ºC plus two days at the shelf life with a good visual quality. Tunnels and transparent treatments in the greenhouse (540 m2) gave the highest return amount (5006.7 L.E.) and the highest rate of return on invested pound in season (75 % of pound). This led to increases in the efficiency of production unit and the income of farm and thus raising farm livelihood.