Reducing weight loss and keeping Fruit quality of Wonderful pomegranate via different postharvest treatments

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Pomology, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt


IN REGARD to maintain water content, fruit quality and reducing chilling injury symptoms of ripe Wonderful pomegranate during marketing in domestic or global markets the current study was applied in two successive seasons (2016 and 2017). Different treatments were conducted as postharvest treatments and it included, film wrapping, hot water at 45°C for 4 min., 2% CaCl2, 1% chitosan, wrapping + hot water, wrapping + 2% CaCl2, wrapping +1% chitosan, hot water + 2% CaCl2, hot water + 1% chitosan, 2% CaCl2 + 1% chitosan, combined treatment in addition to control. All treatments were stored at 5°C and 90-95% RH for 60 days followed by shelf life at 20°C for 14 days. CaCl2 at 2% significantly maintained fruit weight, peel thickness and fruit firmness. Also, 1% chitosan alone or + 2% CaCl2 showed the lowest significant decay percentages. Furthermore, 1% chitosan exhibited the lowest significant respiration rate, h° score and TSS value, it showed the highest significant general appearance scores, and maintained the higher contents of ascorbic acid and anthocyanin pigment compared with untreated ones