Effect of Some Applications on the Performance of Mandarin Trees under Soil Salinity Conditions

Document Type : Original Article


1 *Citrus Research Department, Horticulture Research Institute, Agriculture Research Centre, Cairo

2 Soils and Water Use Department, National Research Centre, Cairo


THE RESPONSE of “Murcott” mandarintrees grown on salt affected soil to different amendments that alleviate salinity stress was studied. The present study was carried out in a privateorchard locatedat“El-Adlia Association”, El-Sharqia Governorate, Egypt, duringtwo successive seasons (20142015/ and 20162017/). Nine different treatments were used as follow: Potassium silicate (PSat500 and 1000ppm), Magnetite (Mag) at a rate of 58 kg/ fed/year, Mag+ PSat 500, Mag+PSat 1000, Unisaleat a rate of 7.9 L/fed., Unisale+PSat500, andUnisale+PS at1000ppmbeside control (Uniform fertilizer program). These different treatments mitigated salinity stress and increased root distribution, photosynthetic pigments, leaves minerals contents, fruit yield and quality of Murcott trees compared with control. The highest yield was obtained by Unisale followed in descending order by PS at 500 ppm and Magnetite treatment. Prolineaccumulation in fresh leaves, soil pH and EC at the end of the two seasons also wererecorded.