Improving Productivity and Fruit Quality of Ferehy Date Palm Cultivar under Siwa Oasis Conditions

Document Type : Original Article


Plant Production Department, Desert Research Center, Cairo, Egypt


This study was conducted during two successive seasons (2017 and 2018) at Siwa Research Station in Tigzerti farm, Desert Research Center, Siwa oasis, Matrouh Governorate, Egypt. The aim of this research was to investigate the effect of magnetic iron, licorice extract and garlic extract on productivity, fruit quality and leaf minerals content of Ferehy date palm under salinity stress. In this experiment, four treatments of magnetic iron were  applied to soil in the winter [0 (Fe0), 250 g (Fe1), 500 g (Fe2) and 750 g (Fe3)], besides spraying with licorice extract and garlic extract (as natural growth stimulants), as follows: cont.: control treatment, L1: licorice extract at 3g/l, L2: licorice extract at 5g/l, G1: garlic extract at 2% and G2: garlic extract at 4%. Investigated trees were sprayed three times along each season (after fruit set, one month later from fruit set and two months later from fruit set). The obtained results revealed that magnetic iron at 750 g (Fe3) was better than the other treatments of iron in all parameters. In addition, G2under Fe3 recorded the highest fruit set, bunch weight, yield, fruit weight and fruit flesh weight. While G2andL2 under Fe3 gave the highest fruit flesh %, fruit length, fruit diameter,  total soluble solids, reducing sugars, non-reducing sugars, total sugars, leaf nitrogen, phosphorus , potassium,  iron content and decreased total acidity and tannins content. Furthermore, it is clearly appear that EC, pH, Cl and Na in the soil were decreased, when added magnetic iron in high level (Fe3) in both seasons.