Influence of Modified Atmosphere Packaging and Cold Storage on Antioxidants Activity and Storability of Peach Fruit

Document Type : Original Article


PHYSICO-CHEMICAL responses and antioxidants activity of …..peach fruit (Prunus persica, L.) cv. "Succary" stored at modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) using shrink film at room temperature (25°C) and cold storage (6°C) were investigated. Results indicated that the individual treatment with MAP or cold storage was found insufficient to delay ripening and to maintain quality for long period. The combination of MAP and cold storage (MAP+6°C) was an effective technique to delay fruit ripening and to extend storage period up to 31 days throughout a reduction in fruit weight loss, fruit softening and membrane damage, in addition to maintaining the activity of antioxidant enzymes )catalase, peroxidase and superoxide dismutase) at a high level.