Evaluation of Some Mango Strains under Ismailia Governorate Condition

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 THIS INVESTIGATION was carried out during the two ……..successive seasons (2012 and 2013) on fourteen mango strains grown at Motreb Zahran orchard, Abu Sultan, Ismailia Governorate Egypt A.R.E. The studied trees were 16-year-old grown in sandy soil and irrigated with drip irrigation system. Flowering date, malformation percentage, date of fruit maturity, tree productivity and fruit quality were studied. Only three strains seem to be promising S9,S10 and S11) which they gave highest values of(productivity per tree, fruit weight, percentage of pulp weight and values of T.S.S. and lowest percentage of malformed panicles, seed weight and acidity. The evaluation indicated that, the strains as superiority can be arranged in a descending order as follows: S9, S11 and S10 may be recommended as a new superior mango cultivars.