Effect of Inoculation With Bradyrhizobium sp., Va-mycorhiza and Mineral Fertilizers on Seed Production and Quality of Pea

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 THIS investigation was carried out at the experimental farm of Shandaweel, Agri. Res. Station, Sohag Governorate, Egypt, during 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 seasons, to study the effect of using Bradyrrhizobium sp and vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza as an effective alternative for the chimical fertilizer, on the productivity of pea (Pisum sativum L.) seeds, Master B cultivar. The experimental designed as complete randomized block, with four replications.
Observations were made on days to 50% flowering, number of branches/ plant, stem length, number of pods/ plant, number of seeds/pod, 100 seeds weight, seed yield and seeds germination percentage. All the parameters were significantly influenced by inoculation with
Bradyrrhizobium sp and VA-mycorrhiza compared to control in both seasons. The highest values of number of branches/ plant, 100-seeds weight, seed yield (kg/fed.) and seed germination% were obtained under the treatments of Bradyrrhizobium sp and VA- mycorrhiza plus 15, 30 kg NP/fed. While, the lowest values of these traits were obtained under control treatment, in both studied seasons.