Influence of Cane Length and Number on Bud Behavior, Growth and Productivity of Black Magic Grapevines

Document Type : Original Article


Viticulture Dept., Hort. Res. Instit., Agric. Res. Center, Giza, Egypt


Pruning is an essential process for grapevines and reaching the suitable level for each variety is of utmost importance in determining fruitfulness and quality. Therefore, the present study was carried out to study the effect of cane length on bud behavior, growth and productivity of Black Magic grape cultivar for two successive seasons (2021 & 2022) in a private vineyard located at Minia governorate, Egypt. The treatments comprised of four different levels of bud load as follows; 15 fruiting canes × 8 eyes/cane, 12 fruiting canes × 10 eyes/cane, 10 fruiting canes × 12 eyes/cane and 8 fruiting canes × 15 eyes/cane. The results showed that vegetative and reproductive growth were significantly affected by all different pruning levels of cane length and number in both seasons of this study. It was found that pruning at 12 fruiting canes × 10 eyes/cane attained a higher percentage of bud burst, coefficient of bud fertility, and yield compared with the other investigated treatments. However, shorter canes represented by 15 fruiting canes × 8 eyes/cane, reduced both cluster numbers and yield. Therefore, vines pruned with 12 fruiting canes × 10 eyes showed significantly the optimum results, as it achieved an appropriate balance between vegetative growth aspects, yield along with cluster quality.