A Comparison of Some Traditional and Nontraditional Organic Fertilizers for Murcott Tangerine Trees Production and Fruit Quality

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1 Department of horticulture faculty of Agricultur Ain Shams University

2 Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.


This study was conducted during 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 seasons to assess the efficacy of some types and levels of nitrogen on vegetative growth, mineral content, yield and fruit quality of 5 years old Murcott tangerine trees (Citrus reticulate, Blanco.) budded on Volkamer lemon rootstock and cultivated in “Hegazi orchard” located in Cairo to Alexandria desert road, Egypt at 2.5 × 5m apart. The experiment contain two factorsThe first factor was added nitrogen at two levels i.e., 90 and 120 kg actual N/fed while the second factor was added 5 types of nitrogen i.e., 100% Mineral nitrogen fertilizer (MNF), 50% Commercial plant residues compost (CRC) +50% (MNF), 50% Bagasse compost (BC) +50% (MNF), 50% Waterhyacinth compost (WHC) +50% (MNF) and 50% Chicken manure (CHM) +50% (MNF). A great increase in fruits number, fruit weight, yield, pulp weight, juice weight, pulp: fruit %, juice: pulp %, ascorbic acid and (N, K, Zn leaf content) were recorded by120 Kg actual N/fed. Generally, 50% WHC + % 50 MNF and 50 % CHM + %50 MNF gave the highest values of most characters followed closely by control. Therefore, it could be recommended by fertilizing young Murcott trees with (120 Kg actual N/fed) added as (50%WHC + %50 MNF) or (50 % CHM + %50 MNF) enhanced yield, fruit quality and it is an effective method for get rid of Water hyacinth weed by easier way.