Intermittent Warming and Methyl Jasmonate Applications to Alleviate Sensitivity of Chilling Injury of Stored Palmer and Sensation Mangos Cultivars

Document Type : Original Article


1 Higher Institute for Agriculture Co-Operation, Cairo, Egypt

2 Horticulture Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University


Mangos are a sensitive fruitto chilling injury (CI) when stored below 10 °C, manifested by pitting of the surface, browning of the skin, higher susceptibility to decay, failure or irregularity in ripening, and diminishing in   the quality of fruits. The efficacy of intermittent warming (IW) combined with four methyl Jasmonate (MeJA) concentrations to alleviation sensitivity chilling injury of Palmer and Sensation cvs. during two successive seasons 2018 and 2019 were studied. The results indicated that all applied concentrations of methyl Jasmonate except for the high concentration with intermittent warming improved quality characteristics, the most pronounced effect was recorded by 1.0 mM MeJA + Iw treatments in both storage Phases at 5±1 °C for 15 days followed by 7 days at 20± 2 °C with the two mango cultivars under study, which minimized discarded fruits and chilling injury symptoms as well suppressed weight loss, and loss of pulp firmness.  Also, treated fruits of 1.0 mM MeJA plus IW reduced the leakage of ions & total acidity, maintained ascorbic acid and increased TSS%, total pigmentation (carotenoids pulp & anthocyanins peel). Significant differences in enzymes activity, ethylene production and respiration rate in bothpulp tissuewere detected between this treatmentand control fruits. Other favorites effect to the treatment 1.0 with MeJA +IW where it increased (1.0 with MeJA +IW) increased peroxidase and catalase enzymes activities which usually occurs during cold storage, reduced respiration rate and stimulated ethylene production. Sensation mango cv. has a long storability and handling periods than Plamer mango cultivar.