Effect of Some Rootstocks on the Performance of Flame Seedless Grapevines

Document Type : Original Article


Horticulture Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Zagazig University, Zagazig 44511, Egypt.


The present investigation was carried out for two successive seasons (2018 and  2019) in a private vineyard at El-Sharkia, Governorate, Egypt. Vines were grafted on some rootstocks, Salt creek, Richter and Freedom, in addition own-rooted vines as a control treatment. Vines were 8 years old, grown in a sandy soil, under drip irrigation system and planted at 2x3 m. apart, cane-pruned and trellised by the Spanish Parron system. All rootstocks incrased bunch weight, bunch width, weight of 100 berries and berry characteristics (berry length, berry diameter, berry shape index). Also, the tested rootstocks increased separation force and berry firmness in comparison with own rooted vines. Grafting Flame Seedless improved  chemical characteristics ( TSS%, acidity, TSS/acid ratio and berry anthocyanine content) and vegetative growth (i.e. shoot length at full bloom and cane diameter).Generally, All rootstocks improved the packable number of bunches at first harvest and its percentage especially Richter rootstock which ranked first among the tested rootsocks. It is  clear that grafting Flame Seedless vines on Richter rootstock achieve the maximum color expressed as anthocyanine content, Packable yield at first harvest compared with the own-rooted vines.