Use of Some Essential Oils and Plant Extracts as Ga3 Alternatives on Globe Artichoke Flower Heads Earliness and Productivity.

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 THIS STUDY was conducted during two seasons of 2012/2013 and ….. 2013/2014 at Vegetables Research Farm in Kaha, Qualiobia Governorate, Horticulture Research Institute, Agriculture Research Centre to study the effect of some essential oils (citronella and lemon grass) and plant extracts of (aloe and garlic) compared to GA3 on vegetative growth, earliness, yield and its quality of globe artichoke cv. Hyriouswas. Planting dates was on September 1st in both seasons. The essential oils of citronella grass and lemon grass, plant extracts of aloe and garlic, GA3 at 25 ppm and the control were sprayed in different concentrations two times in each season after 60 and 75 day from planting.
Results revealed considerable improvements in earliness, the early yield as well as head length (cm), head diameter (cm), edible part fresh weight (g) and edible part dry weight (g) by the tested materials. Spraying with aloe extract 50 ml/l or citronella grass oil 0.5 ml/l gave the best results in this concern.