Effect of calcium Nitrate and Gibberellic Acid Foliar Sprays on Fruiting and Fruit Quality of “Manzanillo” and “Dolce” Olive Cvs.

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 THIS WORK was implemented to study the impact of foliar applications of calcium nitrate at 3% provided with (Gibberellic acid) at 10 ppm and 20 ppm at full bloom (mid-April), at fruit set stage (mid-May) and at pit hardening stage on ‘Manzanillo’ and ‘Dolce’ olive cvs during 2012 and 2013 seasons. This experiment was carried out at an olive private farm (9 years old) at Cairo Alexandria desert road (90 kilometer). The olive trees were planted at 4 x 6 m and irrigated using drip irrigation system. In olives, yield together with fruit quality determinations crop value and farmer profits. Yield depends on the number of fruits cropped per tree and their average weight fruit and flesh weight and oil content are the most important determents of on-tree fruit quality. Calcium play significant roles in fruit set, fruit growth and maturation. Calcium nitrate at 3 % plus GA3 at 10 and 20 ppm were applied as foliar sprays in three stages, mid April, mid May and during pit hardening. All, treatments have significantly reduced percentage of fruit drop and increased yield (kg/tree). Fruit yield had pronounced increases over the control with mid May treatment to score 47.5 and 57.6 % in the first season, 54.5 and 70.9 % in the second one, respectively. Best results were brought about when calcium nitrate at 3 % plus GA3 at 10 and 20 ppm were applied in mid May followed by treatments during pit hardening and mid April, respectively. Such treatments have also had significant impacts on fruit, seed and flesh weight.