Evaluation and Selection of Some Date Palm Seedlings (Phoenix dactylifera L.) Growing under Sohag Region Conditions.

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 THIS STUDY was conducted to evaluate ten seedlings of Date ……palm (R) (Phoenix dactylifera L.) to select the highest yield and fruit quality of the unknown semi-dry seedlings trees growing under the conditions of Sohag region, Egypt, in comparison with the commercial cv. Seewy during two successive seasons (2011 and 2012). Data of yield per palm (kg) as well as physical and chemical properties of fruit were recorded. The results revealed that; Highest yield was obtained from R3 (127.55 kg/palm) in comparison with other tested, as well as Seewy cv. which produced lowest yield (101.11 kg/palm). Concerning physical properties, R3 showed that the highest values of physical properties fruit diameter 2.83cm, fruit length 5.06cm, pulp thickness 0.92cm, fruit weight 19.44g., Seed weight 1.59g., pulp weight 85.31% in comparison with other tested and Seewy cv. was 2.07, 4.45, 0.81, 17.19, 1.58, 78.86 respectively. As for chemical properties, R3 developed the highest values of T.S.S 41.62%, total acidity 1.52%, total sugars content 83.67%, reducing sugars content 44.05%, non-Reducing sugars content 39.62%. the seedlings (R3) had lower tannins content 1.74%, while the highest tannins percentage was recorded for R5, 6, 7 was 1.86% in comparison with other tested palms as well as Seewy cv. T.S.S 39.64%, total acidity 1.58%, total sugar content 71.96%, reducing sugars content 37.00%, non-Reducing sugars content 30.16%, tannins 1.82% respectively.
General evaluation revealed that R
3 date palm seedlings provide to be the superior in yield and fruit quality among all the studied trees.