Improving Growth, Fruit Set, Yield, Fruit Quality and Shelf Life of “Costata” Persimmon

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 THIS investigation was conducted at Hort. Res. Station Orchard, Paramon, Dakahlia governorate during 2010 and 2011 seasons to study the effect of foliar application of Milagrow (250gm/5 l), Pepton, GA3 (single or in combinations) and Folgers on vegetative growth, leaf content of minerals and chlorophyll, fruit set, yield and fruit quality as well as shelf life of “Costata” persimmon trees (12 years old) grafted on seedling rootstock on loamy soil.
The present results showed that, all treatments improved all growth and yield parameters compared to the control. With regard to the yield and fruit quality, the most effective treatment was spraying “Costata” persimmon trees three times (at full bloom, fruit set and June fruit drop) with a combined treatment of Peptone at 1000 ppm + GA
3 at 20 ppm or Milagrow at 50000 ppm + Pepton at 1000 ppm + GA3 at 20 ppm.