Self and Cross Compatibility in Some Mango Cultivars

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 THIS STUDY was carried out during 2013 and 2014 seasons in ….. order to study self and cross compatibility among Sedik, Langra and Ewais cultivars. Sedik, Langra, Hindi, Zebda and Ewais were grown in the farm of horticulture research institute, Giza governorate and used as pollinators. The puncle/inflorescence (%) and fruit set average were recorded in the two seasons. In Sedik the results of puncles/inflorescence (%) and fruit set were the highest when Sedik was self pollinated. Langra, showed best results when Zebda and Hindi was used as pollinators. Ewais puncles/inflorescence (%) recorded its best results when pollinated with Sedik and resulted in the best average of fruit set with Zebda. On the other hand, the factors control puncle/inflorescence% and average fruit set, Anatomical study showed that In Sedik cultivar (stigmas) a few Sedik pollen which could not germinate and the germination was very poor and pollen tube showed abnormal development, they stopped growth early in the style.
In Langra cultivar (stegma) Zebda pollen germination was very poor and the pollen tubes grew very slowly and showed abnormalities which led to an earlier cessation of growth. In Ewais cultivar (stegma) Sedik pollen had poor germination the style tissue was senesced
Thus, it can be concluded that, Sedik, pollinators was suitable for Sedik cultivar, However, Hindi and/or Zebda were suitable as pollinators for Langra cultivar. While Sedik and Zebda were suitable pollinators for Ewais.