Evaluation of New Strains Produced From Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Var. Cayeen Treated with Colchicine

Document Type : Original Article


 THIS STUDY was carried out during 2013 and 2014 seasons in ……order to evaluate 14 pineapple strains resulted from colchicine treatment of pineapple plants grown in the orchard of Horticulture Research Orchard, Agriculture Research Center. Giza. Egypt, in comparison with the original cultivar Cayeen. Fruit characteristics, as physical and chemical properties of fruit were recorded. Morphological characteristics for leaf edges, fruit, crown and flowers were, also, studied. Results demonstrated that, total fruit weight (fruit+crown) was the highest with strain no. 9 in comparison with other tested strains, as well as “Cayeen” cv. Regarding, fruit physical properties, strain no. 9 recorded the heaviest fruit weight 900 g as compared to 462.5g for the original cultivar (Cayeen) with an increase of 94.6% for fruit weight. Concerning fruit chemical properties, data indicated no significant differences in fruit juice T.S.S% and total sugars content. General evaluation revealed that strain no. 9 seemed to be the superior strain regarding fruit quality among all the tested strains, as it attained the uppermost score as compared with the standard cv.” Cayeen”. The morphological evaluation showed that it has smooth leaf. Dormant flowers were recorded in the in inflorescences of some strains and the strains no. 17 and 31 were advised for further study in breaking dormant flowers.
Thus, It can be concluded that the selected strain no. 9 has good fruit quality for consumer and strains no. 17 and 31 needs further studies concerning flower dormant activation.