Effects of Some Edible Coating on the Quality and Shelf-Life of Pioneer Plum Fruits (Prunus salicina L.) at Room Temperature

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 THE INVESTIGATION was carried out during 2013 and 2014 …… seasons from selected 4 years old plum cv. Pioneer grafted on Okinawa rootstock located in a commercial orchard at El-Kattatba region, Egypt. Edible coating materials have been used for preserving the quality and safety of fresh fruits. The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of jojoba oil, paraffin oil, glycerol and Arabic gum as edible coatings on the shelf-life period and quality of Pioneer plum fruits at room temperature (25 ± 2°C). The results indicated that coated plums showed a significant delay in the change of weight loss %, firmness, total soluble solids, and decay percentage compared to uncoated ones. The results suggested using jojoba oil, glycerol and Arabic gum as edible coatings instead of paraffin oil.