Effect of Some Post Harvest Treatments on Fruit Quality of Dates During Cold Storage

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THIS INVESTIGATION was carried out during two successive seasons (2012 and 2013) on Om El-Ferakh date fruits. Palm trees grown on loamy soil in a private orchard at Edko, Beheira Governorate, Egypt. In this work the effect of some postharvest treatments: paraffin, lemon grass oils and low density polyethylene bags (LDPE) on fruit quality attributes during cold storage has been investigated. F ruits were stored at 5˚C, 90% relative humidity (RH). Assessments were carried out at seven days intervals. After 21 days, results indicated that all treatments especially paraffin oil or lemon grass oil decreased total tannins percentage comparing to control. In addition, treatments with paraffin oil and lemon grass oil recorded the highest value of fruit texture, color, total soluble solids and total sugars, while they decreased fruit weight loss, decay percentage, acidity and total phenols during storage period. These treatments had a good effect on keeping quality of date fruits during storage.