Effect of Some Anti-transpirant to Reduce Amount of Irrigation Water Added to the Banana cv."Grand Nain" in Sandy Soil

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IN a field experiment on a banana cv. "Grand Nain" plants …..during two consecutive seasons 2012/2013 (the first ratoon plants) & 2013/2014 (second ratoon plants) in sandy soil to study the spraying anti-transpiration response (potassium silicate- aluminium silicate - Green Miracle - Glycerol) to reduce amount of irrigation water rates 10, 20 , 30 % of  recommended amount of water (10000 m3/fed/year). Spraying on  vegetative growth six times starting from the month of May to October (once a month)  at a concentration of 6%.  In the control treatment plants received only 10000 m3 of water /Fed/ year and no spraying antitranspirant
Growth parameter, bunch weight and bunch characteristics of Grand Nain banana significantly varied in response to spray some anti-transpirant and reduce amount of irrigation water. The highest  values for these parameters were obtained from the treatments use anti-transpirants as compared with untreated control. Potassium silicate and Aluminium silicate were the most effect treatments followed by Green Miracle while Glycerol was the least effect. Anti-transpirant decreased significantly the transpiration rate with  the control (un-treated). Aluminium silicate and Glycerol treatments had  the lowest values of transpiration rate comparing with the check treatment. The better  values of yield/fed and water utilization efficiency were obtained from plants receiving of water 8000 m3/fed/year treatment (reduce by 20% rate of recommended amount of water) and spray anti-transpirant as compared with plants receiving of water 10000 m3/fed/year and control. According to the results obtained in this experiment it can be concluded that using anti-transpirant (Potassium silicate - Aluminium silicate)  agent led to reduction by 20% of recommended amount of water added using anti-transpration agent  improving water use efficiency by reducing leaf transpiration rate, decrease leaf water loss and increased assimilation area of Grand Nain banana plant in sandy soil.