Growth, Yield and Quality Attributes of Mango Cultivars under the Sultanate of Oman Conditions

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ADAPTATION of mango varieties to local environmental …….conditions is one of the most important alternatives for sustainability of mango cultivation in Oman, taking advantage of the high genetic diversity. Seventeen mono-embryonic Indian mango varieties grafted on local Omani rootstock were studied with respect to growth, yield and quality attributes. The results revealed that there was a variation between varieties with respect to their vegetative growth parameters which had large variation viz. 3.10- 7.5 cm for tree height, 3-7 m vegetative growth spreading, 45-98 cm for trunk girth and 15.09-195.06 m3 tree vegetative canopy volume. These data identified the growth habit of each variety in the sense that Ross variety (3.10 m) was dwarf compared to tall varieties of Immampasand, Zafran, and Pairi (7.50, 6.50 and 6 m, respectively) and had vigorous  growth (195.06, 104.76 and 101.89 m3, respectively). The results showed that average fruit weight ranged between 200-1200 g/fruit, where Tanneru variety gave the highest fruit weight (1200 g/fruit), while Chambtan, Ross, Pairi, Baramasi and Alphonso were the lowest (200 g/fruit). Average fruit number varied from 77- 497 fruit/tree) and Neelum variety was the highest (497 fruit/tree) and Baramasi was the least (977 fruit /tree). Ross trees were more efficient in production (16 kg/m3), followed by Deshari (15.09 kg/m3). Safeda Mulgoa distinct to other varieties in total soluble solids (21%). Tested varieties were classified into four maturity periods groups viz early, mid-early, medium and late. There was no significant difference between groups with respect to growth parameters. Numerically group of mid- early varieties were shorter and less vigorous in growth and more productive than other groups. Tree yield efficiency was negatively correlated with tree canopy volume (r=−0.561, p ≤0.05).  It was concluded that adaptation of mango genetic diversity would be very efficient strategy to develop sustainable mango cultivations under the Omani conditions.