Keywords = Vegetative growth
Growth, Yield, and Tuber Quality of Potato with Foliar Application of Tryptophan and Its Derivatives

Volume 51, Issue 2, August 2024, Pages 161-173

Fatma Elzahraa Abdel-Razik Mahmoud; Mohamed E. Ragab; Sabry Mousa Youssef; Amr Ahmed Metwally

Minimizing Heavy Metal Accumulation in Edible Parts of Lettuce Plant

Volume 50, Issue 2, August 2023, Pages 303-317

Yassin Mohamed Shiba; Salama Abd Elhamid Abd Elhady; Sabry Mousa Youssef; Mohamed Zaky El-Shinawy

The Effect of Grafting on Squash Plants Grown Under Low Plastic Tunnel in Winter Season

Volume 48, Issue 2, August 2021, Pages 181-192

Yasmine Abd elmohsen; S. R. Salman; Y. I. Helmy; M. Z. El-Shinawy; A. F. Abou-Hadid

Evaluation of Three Peach Cultivars (Prunus persica L.) Grown in Egypt under North Delta Conditions

Volume 42, Issue 1 The 2nd International Conference on Horticultural Crops, 15-18 March ( ICHC- Egypt 2015), June 2015, Pages 17-36