Author = Amr Ahmed Metwally
Growth, Yield, and Tuber Quality of Potato with Foliar Application of Tryptophan and Its Derivatives

Volume 51, Issue 2, August 2024, Pages 161-173

Fatma Elzahraa Abdel-Razik Mahmoud; Mohamed E. Ragab; Sabry Mousa Youssef; Amr Ahmed Metwally

Impacts of Cobalt, Selenium and Silicon Biofortification on the Growth, Productivity and Nutritional Value of Lettuce

Volume 51, Issue 1, April 2024, Pages 71-86

Khadiga Attef Abdalla; sabry youssif Mousa; Mohamed Farag Ibrahim; Amr Ahmed Metwally

Effect of Selenium and Silicon Foliar Applications on the Growth and Yield of Common Bean

Volume 49, Issue 2, August 2022, Pages 147-158

Wathiq Mansoor Hmood; Mohamed Emam Ragab; Sabry Mousa Youssef; Amr Ahmed Metwally